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It Ain't that Hard


The quote on both sides of the image above were inserted unintentionally while I was exploring the context menu. Oh well, you know how people say, "Shit happens".


At any rate, I'm still studying web development and I'm actually getting better. I do have an issue. I'm not sure how I'm progressing. I don't have a baseline or anything else to measure progress because I'm studying from home and at my leisure.


Don't get me wrong! I am definetly making progress as i'm able to diagnose and fix code issues and I'm getting faster at creating pages of code and entire websites.


I don't track how much I work becuase I'm almost always on the computer or a smartphone and I'm either reading about web developnebt or writing CSS3 and HTML5 code.


Another problem is I am unable to compare my progress with other students and I don't track anything. I'm semi-retired and I work from home so there's no need for me to track anything.

Or is there.