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Still Studying Website Development

When I launched this blog about a year or more ago I had started to learn how to create websites and how to style the content with CSS3. Today, stylesheets and web content are separated as much as possible so the only thing on the page is the content and HTML5 tags.

HTML5 is one of the most easy to learn computer programming languages so it's usually not extremely difficult for students to learn. With that said, I now have to say that CSS3 is more challenging to learn. I tried several CSS3 frameworks before I decided to begin studying a framework developed by the W3Schools.com website. The schools framework is named, aptly W3CSS.

W3.CSS is a modern CSS framework with built-in responsiveness:

Smaller and faster than any other CSS frameworks. Easier to learn, and easier to use than any other CSS frameworks. Better cross-browser compatibility than any other CSS frameworks. Uses standard CSS only (No jQuery or JavaScript library). Supports modern responsive mobile first design by default. Provides CSS equality for all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari, Opera, ... Provides CSS equality for all devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. Speeds up and simplifies web development: