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Fw: Content Marketing Job and There Is No Risk in Planning

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A Note from Joe Pulizzi
There Is No Risk in Planning
As some of you may know, my personal goal is to read at least one “non-business-related" book per month. A few weeks ago, I started The Hit, by David Baldacci (it's good so far... I'm still reading). As I reached the middle of the book, I ran across a few passages that seemed quite relevant, including this one:
“Planning something never seems risky. It’s in the execution where all the risk comes.”
Let’s make this relevant to content marketing:
A few weeks back, I led a workshop for a group of marketers who worked for manufacturing companies. They were all creating content in some form or another: mostly blog posts and white papers, though a few were creating e-books, and one was working on a video series.
Yet, none of them had formally developed a strategy for any of their efforts. Each of the programs had been designed to generate demand or drive conversions of some kind... mostly related to sales calls. It was predictable, sadly; I see this happening all the time.
So let’s talk about risk. All these very smart people are risking so much with their executions; yet they all skipped over the part of the process where there's no risk involved whatsoever: creating a plan. I see a similar pattern happening with stock market investors: After receiving a tip or reading an article, an investor will roll the dice and execute a trade – without the hint of a plan for doing so.
I get it... plans are boring. All the fun is in execution. But of course, that's also where all the risk lies, too.
So how do we mitigate that risk? With a sensible plan that includes a strong business case and a list of achievable goals. Creating such a plan means starting with one target audience, focusing on one content destination, and using it to build and grow that audience, over time. That’s how every (and I mean every) successful media company and content marketing example has gotten started.
We know this... yet no one is doing it. Instead, we look for quick solutions and end up wasting time on content that will make little or no impact on the world.
If you don’t have a plan, create one now. If you do have one, take the time to review it. There’s no additional risk involved in taking a little extra time to plan. On the other hand, execution without a proper plan to support it can cost you just about everything as a marketer. The good news is it's an easy error to fix.
Good luck!
Yours in content,
Joe Pulizzi
Content Marketing Institute
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